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Flexbox is incredibly powerful. But it's also crazy hard to learn well. So we all end up depending on a cheat sheet and some mad guessing in the dev tools. Enough of that! Time for you to:

Become an expert of layout with flexbox

Internalize flexbox in a ridiculously unforgettable way so you can drop the cheat sheet crutch

Create any layout you can imagine, without wasting time guessing or looking up syntax

This is an Educational Game. Each section unravels part of the plot, gives you expertise over a new flexbox concept, and presents zombie survival challenges that force you to solidify your new skills like your life depends on it.

"As much as I love flexbox, I had to look up the docs every single time I used anything more complex than display: flex and flex: 1. I never really felt like I had a solid grip on the technology. I'd gone through other flexbox tutorials, but it never really seemed to stick. Dave's Flexbox Zombies series is awesome because it goes super in depth with flexbox and has an engaging story. But what made it so valuable to me is the way he makes it stick. The unique format forced me to remember what I'd learned before. Now I no longer need to lookup the docs for complex flexbox layout. It's all in here, stuck in my head. Zombies and all :) "

Kent C. Dodds

"When I first adopted the flexbox layout I felt frustrated by the amount of nuances I encountered. I was so happy to come across Dave Geddes' game where he created a rich narrative explaining the CSS syntax, when and how to use each property. The lessons build on each other in a cadence that helps you return to the story over a period of time - rather than all at once - making the learning actually stick. Also you get to fight zombies! I shared Flexbox Zombies through my office and we all agree that it’s a fun and highly effective way to learn flexbox."

Heidi Olsen

"The uniqueness of Dave's email course on Flexbox was just amazing. I loved it lots. I'm looking forward to future courses!"

Rahat Khanna

"I really enjoyed Flexbox Zombies - It helped me to understand flexbox much better and I feel quite comfortable using it now."

Dan Johnson

created by geddski

Dave Geddes
Dave Geddes

Dave Geddes is a passionate leader in open web education. He's obsessed with diving deep into UI tech, and coming up with creative ways to help others learn it. Father of 4 wild kids and super into 3D printing, gaming, and art. Dave definitely has a unique style that many find refreshing and effective. Previously Open Web Architect at Domo. Creator of Mastery Games®

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